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Ch.6 Wanna Hear A Story?

Author: I do not own anything! Not these two wonderful movies, not the characters from the two movies. I just only write this Fanfic because I love this paring so much. If you don't like boyxboy, or anything homosexual related, don't read this then.


About thirty minutes has passed since we began playing Halo 4 (after I was done explaining to him of how the game works exactly) on the floor of my living room; I've ended up killing Hiccups character about twenty times…while Hiccup has only killed mine three times. Resulting Hiccup to feel frustrated, angry, and embarrassed; making me feel bad that I've tricked Hiccup into playing a game that he's never played before. Especially the fact that he's never played a video game before.

'Ok, next time Jack; play a board game with him so that he'll have an actual chance at winning against you.' I thought to myself, while making an imaginary list of board games for me to buy for Hiccup in my head.

After a few more kills in the game (which are the kills that my character gained) Hiccup called quits, gave me back one of my controllers, and laid his whole body on my couch while facing towards the other side of the couch instead of me; probably thinking that I'll end up making fun of him for not being good at playing Halo 4. That made me feel a little bit more badly, because the last thing I want to do in my life is make fun of my precious Hiccup for not being good at something.

So what if he's bad at playing video games? I never really liked video games. I mean they sometimes really fun to do here and there, but I don't play it to the point that I'm obsessed with it and making people think that I'll never move out of my uncles' house. Simply to stay in my room to do nothing but play video games. Yeah, I'm defiantly not that type of person.

I turned off the Xbox and put away both of the controllers back into the case, walked back towards the couch and sat back down on the floor, only to see Hiccups head while staring at the couch.

After thinking of some ways to comfort or cheer Hiccup up, the first thing that I thought was the best thing for me to try and comfort Hiccup; was that I gently laid my right hand his head, slowly messaging his scalp. Hiccup seems to not mind so much, because he was leaning his head into palm and feeling less and less tuneful as I continue my action.

I then gestured Hiccup to raise his head up so that I could sit on the couch, while having his head lying on my lap. He seemed a little confused at first, but didn't ask any questions and complied. I guess it's because he's so calm and in peace to the point to not care how embarrassing the scene between us looked.

After I was able to sit on the couch, still petting Hiccups head (which is not facing at the right side of the couch, but instead facing up to see me), I noticed that the lids of the boys green like eyes were about half shut. Almost like he was going to sleep anytime soon, guessing that he really liked how my kind comforting gesture feels. I then noticed that Hiccup was still wearing his square-like glasses, and since I wanted to see more of his beautiful eyes; I quickly took his glasses off his face and placed it on my living room table.

At first I thought Hiccup was going say "why did you take them off?", but he didn't say anything. Instead he was calmly witnessing his glasses being taken away by my pale hand and putting them on the table; knowing that it'll be safe there for the time being. After finishing my action, he looked back up at me again; staring at my blue like eyes in amazement as I looked into his forest green eyes.

I love it when he and I star at each other in the eyes, it's almost like something magical happens whenever we do, and I think that Hiccup feels the same way too. I kept on petting his soft hair…soft…huh; I just noticed how soft it really is. It's almost like I was feeling an animal's fur or something. It doesn't feel as unnatural, fake, or uncomfortable as most other teenagers' hairs are (since most of them dye their hairs these days). So Hiccup has a much more natural and nature like feel to his brown like locks. It's a wonderful feeling on my hand, like I can pet Hiccups hair without feeling tired or bored.

I stared deeply at Hiccup and let out a breath, not knowing that I was holding it, and take in all of Hiccups amazing facial features. His oval shape like head, his freckles all across from his left cheek, to his cute button nose, to his right cheek, his wonderful eyes, and of course…his lips. Man lips looks so tasteful; almost like I want to kis-

'NO, bad Jack! You can't do that to Hiccup. I mean think about it, what if he doesn't like it? What if he becomes disgusted with you for doing that? Or worse…what if he ends up hating you and stops being your friend?...Then what?' I mentally scold myself as I try not to show my hurtful side in front of Hiccup.

The last thing I want is for Hiccup to be worried about me and ask me if I'm ok. No…the best thing for me to do is for me to act like I never had that thought in my head, and that I'm enjoying rubbing his head just as much as Hiccup is relaxing into my kind action. For that it's better to have Hiccup be my friend while not knowing how I truly feel about him then me loosing him after finding out my true reason of my want to be his friend. I then became startled after hearing Hiccups quit nasally voice.

"Jack? Thank you…for not making fun of me for being bad at playing a video game. I know that I'm not really good at doing things that normal guys do. I just figured that if I do something that most guys do, so that you don't want to leave me. I'm sorry for being different from all of them. Just thank you; for saying the kindest words that no guy or girl has ever said to me in my life, thank you for staying with me for more than three days, and thank…for wanting me to be your friend." He said calmly, giving me one of his saddest but also most touching smile I've ever seen on a young mans face. I ignored the next inappropriate thought that said 'Oh I want you alright' that was deep in my mind, and instead took in the scene in front of me.

I almost broke right there and then, wanting nothing more than to tell him of how much I love him, and that I would be stupid to ever leave him and not wanting him to be my side. But instead I decided to say something a little different, in return to his soft words.

"I too want to thank you; for accepting my friendship, and also wanting to be my friend as well," I said seeing Hiccup open his eyes completely, paying closely attention to my words; wanting to remember this moment for the rest of his life. I smiled gently at him, thinking of how sweet he looks when he listens to each of my words, making it seem like they are very important to him. I continued talking, wanting to make him feel even more special to me.

"Also, don't worry about being bad at playing video games. I personally am not a real fan of video games myself. Sure they can be really fun to do, and makes a really good stress reliever when I'm in a bad mood sometimes while wanting to kill something, virtually of course. But it's not really fun to do when I do it alone, or not playing a game with someone. It just makes me feel a little lonely, you know?" I said, gaining an understanding look from Hiccup; knowing what it's like to feel alone. I continue my speech.

"Anyways, my point is that I like you for who you are Hiccup. Even your horrible ability to play video game makes me like you, because it shows that you are different from other guys." As I was saying these words, I lost control of my body movement, slowly coming closer to Hiccups face with my own. Wanting nothing more than to feel my pale lips against his pink one; not listening to the warnings in the back of my mind. Who knows, Hic might actually like it. "That's what I like about you; you are different from them…like me." I said as I inched closer and closer towards him in a slow like motion; noticing his eye lids slowly closing like mine.

His cheeks carrying a rosy like color, letting his freckles to stand out once again. Almost like he's letting the incoming touch upon his lips happen, that this is what he wants. That he wants this as much as I do, feeling hope inside of me that this is what my sweet Hiccup wants. I was getting closer to my target, just a little more, almost there, and then…I heard a deep growl.

I stopped in that moment, looking around to find where that noise came from; finding out that the culprit of the noise was Hiccups stomach. I silently cursed myself, forgetting that I wasn't able to make Hiccup eat his lunch at school because he said that he wasn't that hungry and that he wanted to finish his homework for the day.

I should've been more assertive towards him, so that his growl wouldn't ruin this perfect moment and make me feel bad that he had barely eaten anything today. I mean look at him, he has such a skinny body that I'm afraid that I'll end up crushing him. I know that it isn't really Hiccups fault to ruin this moment, but why does he have to be such a picky eater?

After I cursed myself some more, I noticed that my face was still close to Hiccups and I quickly pull away while he instantly sit up and scoot away a bit from me, noticing that his cheeks is turning more red. Though I know that he looks really adorable when he blushes, I couldn't help but feel really embarrassed to look at his face and admire his cute expression. I rubbed at the back of my head again, doing the same thing as I did after my tickle fight with Hiccup earlier.

'Man is it me, or am I only making things more and more awkward between us? I mean the first embarrassing thing I did was an accident, but this time…it's something that I purposely wanted to do. Ah man, I hope Hiccup doesn't want to leave right now. The last thing I want is to make Hiccup think of me as a sicko and not want to see me ever again. Please Thor; please don't let that be the case!' I thought to myself, pleading to any created god or deity of the world.

Luckily for me though; Hiccup didn't seem to want to leave, but he also looked really uncomfortable to want to stay. I tried to think of making this situation less awkward, and since Hiccups growling stomach is what caused this unpleasant situation happen; I might as well also us it to end it.

"Your hungry right?" I joked a little, giving out a semi chuckle trying to lighten up the mood; while gaining a quick nod from him. I get off the couch (more quickly than necessary), and gave Hiccup a semi nice smile.

"I'll go ahead and find something for us to eat…I'll be right back." I walked over to the kitchen, looking through the fridge to try to find some microwave food because I don't really know how to cook. And since uncle North isn't here to make something for me and my…friend; I figure that I microwave something for him instead. I was about to hit the start button for the machine to do what it's made to do, until Hiccup stopped me.

"Umm…actually Jack, is it ok if I cook something for the both of us? I usually don't like microwave food, and prefer cooking things myself instead" after he said that, I looked at him with surprised eyes. 'He can cook?' I thought, but now that look at Hiccup; I do kind of see him to be the type of person who likes to cook. After he noticed my surprised expression; he quickly finished off what he wanted to say.

"Oh, don't worry about it! I'm actually not that bad of a cook, I've made plenty of dinners for Dad and I. Ever since my Mom passed away; there really was no one to cook for us, and since my Dad thought that cooking isn't really for men. One day though; I found one of my moms cook books, and thought 'why not?' and tried cooking for the first time while reading and following the directions in the cookbook," As he was speaking he went up towards my refrigerator, and rummaging around to find some ingredients for him to put together.

"I believe that I was about…ten years old I think. Even though at first Dad looked a bit weirded out by the fact that his only son was cooking something that his wife used to cook, but after trying out the meal I made which was one of his favorite meals that Mom used to make for him; it almost brought tears into his eyes, and let me cook for the both of us ever since. Even though sometimes my dad still gives me the look that says "Why aren't you a girl instead of a boy?" whenever he sees me cook; he knows that if we want to eat something that's good, then we need someone to cook them. And that someone; is me." He said while getting out some boneless chicken breasts that I didn't know that I had, salt & pepper, bread crumbs, mayo, white rice, some rosemary, and some miso paste.

Huh, oh yeah, I forgot that me and Uncle still had that from when I visited Japan about a month ago. I do like miso soup, it's one of the best things I've ever tasted, and I'm glad that the miso paste doesn't go bad for a very long time. I hope that Hiccup knows how to make the miso; which I've gained my answer when he nodding at the instruction on the miso paste container, quickly understanding how to make it…please tell me that the instructions are in English though.

"Ok Hiccup; I trust you on making dinner for us for tonight, but don't burn my house down, Kay?" I said to him, ending up gaining an overly dramatic gasp from the other, trying to look offended by my comment.

"I'm wounded Jack, I thought you trust me by now." I said, acting like a drama queen when really he's not; making me chuckle a bit from his comment.

"I do trust you Hic; it's just that this is the first time I'm letting someone else cook for me…besides my uncle of course." I said feeling a little worried; truthfully it wasn't the thought of him burning the house down that makes me feel nervous; it's the thought of him hurting himself by accidentally cutting or burning himself during the process of cooking.

He instantly gave me a reassuring smile; letting me know that everything will be alright.

"Don't worry Jack, I'll be fine. I promise." he said before shooing me away of the kitchen so he can start cooking and not get distracted. I ended up waiting for about forty-five minutes before he popped his head out of the kitchen, shouting "Dinners ready!" before going back in the kitchen to bring the food out and onto the dining room table.

I was astonished of what I saw, beautiful looking half cut chicken breasts covered in breadcrumbs; giving the chicken a nice golden-brown like color on it. The rice was nicely cooked and seemed to have been season a bit with salt and pepper. And the miso soup turned out to be really good too. Seems simply yet looks like a very well made diner, and the best part: is that it smells good too. I almost drooled just by smelling the food in front of me. I quickly looked at Hiccup to see if I can eat the food that he worked so hard on. I ended up gaining a chuckle from him.

"Go ahead and dig in, it is your food. I just cook it." After he said that I instantly gave Hiccup a big hug and immediately took my plat, served myself, and sat down on the table. Even though I was really hungry and wanted to eat right there and then; I decided to wait on Hiccup, so that we both are enjoying his meal together.

After Hiccup finished serving himself and sitting the seat across from me, so that we are (in a way) facing each other; we instantly started eating the food he made, and I almost thought that I was in heaven. This food was amazing, it's has got to be the best meal I've ever eaten in my life. Hiccup is truly a great chef. Though my Uncle is good at cooking too, he's never made a meal as good as Hiccups. I almost moaned a bit as I took my fifth bite on the fried chicken breast; it was just so delicious I almost cried.

"Hiccup…this has got to be the best dinner I've ever had. You my friend are defiantly the best chef I've ever met. Thank you so much for making something so amazing like this, and letting me eat as much of it as I want. Gods it's so delicious!" I said while taking another bite onto the chicken and rice. Hiccup then gave me a bashful like giggle, trying not to blush from the embarrassing comment I just gave him.

"Oh no not at all; I'm just glad that you like my cooking so much. To be honest I was a little nervous about making this meal for you, since I've never really made dinner for anyone except my dad and myself. Anyways, thank you for the compliment. Really, it means a lot to me." He said, giving me one of a happy look on his face and eyes. Knowing the fact that he's happy to hear me say that I like his cooking. I smiled back in return, making it be my reply to him that says that he's welcome.

We both kept eating our meal together till we were stuffed from it. Well it was more like me being stuffed from it, because I couldn't stop myself from eating his delicious food. Seriously, it feels like that I've just gained about ten pounds that night. Even so, it was something that's worth gaining ten pounds for.

Hiccup started to collect our dishes and going back to the kitchen to wash them; though I told him that it isn't necessary for him to do that, but he insisted on cleaning them. So even though I was protesting a bit at him about cleaning the dishes, I ended up letting him do what he wanted. Since arguing with him is futile, and that I know that I'll quickly loose; I let him do what he wanted to do here.

I then decided that Hiccup cleans the kitchen a bit, I went into my room and put on my pj's; my bottom being a dark blue colored sweat pants and my top being a light blue short sleeve shirt with a huge snowflake on the center of the shirt. I also brushed my teeth so that my breath wouldn't smell when I'm talking to Hiccup tonight.

After doing all of that I went downstairs to see that Hiccup was not only done cleaning the kitchen, but also finished putting on his own pj's. Wearing a dark brown soft fur like sweatpants for the bottom, and a long sleeve semi dark green shirt with a black dragon like symbol (the symbol of the strike class that represents Toothless/Night Fury in the book of dragons of HTTYD, if you don't know what it looks like; look it up) on the center of his shirt; which I thought looked really cool compared to mine.

Seriously, I'm like the only one who wears clothing that has snowflakes on them What am I a girl?...don't answer that. As I was feeling a little self conscious about the shirt I'm wearing, I soon wondered on the matter of how Hiccup was able to change into his clothes.

"Hiccup…where did you change?" I asked, wondering if he did it the living room or something. He quickly felt a little awkward and embarrassed that he didn't really ask me if he could change somewhere in my house, clearing his throat before answering.

"Well, I've noticed that there was a bathroom down here that was right next to the kitchen. And since I've noticed that you weren't down here and figured that you were upstairs in your room changing; I figured that I would change as well while I was down here." He said, gaining a reasoning nod and a shrug from me. 'Oh well, so much for seeing Hiccup shirtless today.' I thought, then instantly kicking myself mentally for thinking something like that. I mean come on, can't I go one day without thinking like a perv?...Apparently not.

I then decided to show Hiccup my room, since he was going to be in my room for the night. As we went in, Hiccup instantly became amazed as he looked into my room. Seeing of how clean and nice it looked. White walls carrying some nice decorative snow flakes on them and some other nice decorative things such as icicle like shapes, or a couple of snow like mountains here and there.

Hiccup also noticed my bed with dark blue, white, and black blankets on top of the bed, and saw of how nicely fixed it was. He also saw my brown wooded desk that I only really use for school stuff, nothing really amazing about that.

I was about to ask Hiccup if he would like to go back downstairs to watch a movie or something, but he beat me to it as he sat on top of my bed.

"Hey Jack?" He said, giving him an "Hm?" as a reply, wanting to know what he wants to ask me.

"Wanna hear a story?" He asked, making me instantly wonder what story he wants to tell me.


"Wanna hear a story?" I asked, wondering why I wanted to tell him this story that has made me be fascinated of it since I was a child. He gave me a curious expression and sat next to me on his bed, making me blush a bit by feeling of how close he was and trying not to think of the scene that Jack and I had on the living room couch before.

"What story is it?" He asked me. I then fiddled with my fingers a bit in a shy like gesture, thinking of an answer.

"Well…it's actually an old Viking story about how a boy befriends a dangerous foe that he and his people have been fighting against for about seven generations; that foe is a dragon. They say that dragons existed a long time ago before they became extinct because of man. It's a very interesting story; I mean I don't think that it's a real tale, but it is certainly a very fascinating story." I said, after gaining a curious look from Jack.

"Huh, that does sound fascinating. Tell me this interesting story." He said as he lay down on the bed, and gestured me to lie right next to him. At first I hesitated, but I decided to do as he asked and find my way into the covers of the bed, getting really comfortable under the warmth of the blankets. Jack was looking at me so he would listen to my story as I was facing up, looking at the ceiling while wording out the story to him.

"Once upon a time…"

~Story Time~

There once was an old village that is twelve days north of Hopeless, and is located solidly on the Meridian of Misery…That village is called Berk.

For seven generations Berk has been filled with Viking society, and every house that they lived in looks new. There's a reason why it does; it's because of the pests. You see while most other people from different islands have mosquitoes or rats, Berk has…dragons.

You see almost all the time, dragons come and take away Berks livestock and sometimes shoot balls of fire at the people of the small island; making the Vikings really mad. So even though most people would not want to stay and live somewhere else, and that only crazy people would stay in an island like that. Well they're Vikings, crazy and stubbornness is their specialty.

There were many different types of dragons: a Deadly Nadder that shoots poisonous spicks from its tail, a Gronkle where it's so bug and fat that you can't tell it's head from it's backs, the Hideous Zippleback; two heads twice the damage, and of course; the Monstrous Nightmare, only the best Vikings go after those dragons. They have a nasty habit of setting themselves on fire.

So for about three hundred years the war between Vikings and Dragons has never changed. Viking killing a dragon, and a dragon killing a Viking…it was truly a bloody war between the two different species; both believing that the war will never end, and that peace will never come between the people of Berk or the reptilian dragons.

Until one day when a son of a proud chief, and was very well known at the time to be really useless when it comes to killing a dragon; brings peace between Viking and dragon. That boys name…was Hiccup.


"Whoa, whoa, whoa, wait a minute, that's your name isn't it?" Jack asked, wondering if I was that legendary hero. I rolled my eyes from Jacks interruption of the story that I was telling him.

"Technically Hiccup is my nickname, remember? While my real name is Hamish, the characters name is really Hiccup." I said, trying to explain to my new best friend that I'm not the same person as the one in the story. He gave me an expression that said "huh".

"Really, that's his actual name…why would someone name him like that?" He asked, I then thought a bit; trying to remember the reason why, which I did a few minutes later.

"Well…they say that it's Viking tradition to call the runt of the litter Hiccup, though I heard that he was actually named after his great-great grandfather or something like that. Well anyways, back to the story." I quickly said the last sentence, so that I couldn't look at the shocked expression after Jack learned the weird Viking tradition, and the fact that he would just end up asking more and more questions that I don't want to answer.

~Resume Story~

Hiccup was certainly…different from all the other Vikings; he wasn't big or muscularly like most other men and women in the village. Instead he's short, weak, and most of all…bony. Sometimes he thinks that his father only sees him as a talking fish bone. In a way he was ashamed of what he physically was, but wasn't who he was mentally.

He was known to be the most intelligent boy in the village, creating his new inventions to use to capture a dragon for him, like his latest invention the Bola Sling. Even though he invented some interesting and great things, the people of Berk don't really see that as great. They thought that Hiccup was too different from them, and that the fact of Hiccup being intelligent doesn't really help his reputation either; making Hiccup to become even more of an outcast towards his people.

But all of that soon changed, when one night of another dragon raid in the village; Hiccup was planning on using his Bola Sling to target on the most powerful and terrifying creature of all the dragon species combined…the Night Fury. It doesn't steal food, never has been seen by the human eye because of his well camouflage in the night sky, and most of all…it never misses when it comes to shooting a blue fire like ball at you. Nobody has ever killed a Night Fury before, and that's when Hiccup decided that he was going to be the first to do so.

On which to his surprise; he did it. He actually caught the Night Fury by using his Bola to shoot a rope like net at his target. As he carefully targets the invisible dragon, waiting to see at least a small glimpse of the dark dragons figure. And he did spot that figure, he shoots at where he aimed and hit the dragon; hearing a dragon like scream of the dragon being caught in that net and landing far towards the forest that is away from the village.

At first Hiccup felt joy from the fact that his invention actually worked, but was shortly ruined when a Monstrous Nightmare came out of no where and started attacking the really thin boy. Letting Hel to brake loose and Hiccup letting the dragons escape with their livestock…again. All of that made look even more terrible at Hiccup; wishing that the boy would've stayed inside the house for once. Hiccup tried to explain his father that he just caught a Night Fury, but his father didn't listen and instead scold him for ruining things again and telling him to go to the house.

Hiccup did as he was told and went to his house, but then went straight towards the forest to fin the Night Furry he caught; so that he can prove to his father and the village that he wasn't lying. At first he thought that he wouldn't be able to find the dragon at all, but with hours that day; he finally found the thing he caught.

As he approached the deadly creature; he saw that its scales, wings, tail, and head was all black. That the only other color that it had was a piercing yellow-green color on huge cat like eyes. The creature was amazing, though sadly; Hiccup knew that he had to kill the dragon to prove himself of being a Viking.

So as he was about to finally kill a dragon for the very first time in his life, simply by using his dagger; he looked into the dragons' eyes, and saw something that he had never seen before on a dragon…fear.

The dragon was just as much afraid of death as Hiccup was; he looked at the dragon, and saw himself. He instantly became hesitant on killing the dragon, looking around the dragons body to see the ropes around him; knowing the fact that they were on it because of him. "I did this" he stated, blaming himself for what he did. So he did something that he thought that he would never do in his life; he freed a dragon.

As soon as the Night Fury was free from the ropes, he quickly pounced on Hiccup and gave him a deadly look. At first he thought that the dragon was going to kill him, but instead of doing so; the dragon just gave the boy a shrieking scream, and quickly tried to fly away but can't.

Hiccup became relieved that the dragon didn't end up killing him, but it did make him wonder…why did it not kill him? He wondered about it for a while, and crazily decided to look for the dragon again the next day; to see why it spared his life.

At first he thought that he wouldn't see the dragon again and that it was stupid of him to go and search for it, but as he spotted some black scales near an entrance of a cove in the forest; he noticed the Night Furry being there and instantly took out his sketchbook and pencil like wood that already had charcoal ink in it. He quickly sketch of the night like dragon and noticed that one of his tail fins is missing, and the fact that the dragon couldn't fly its way out of the cove.

"Why can't you just…fly away?" He asked more towards himself then the creature that he's staring at. The boy soon became fascinated of the dragon, and as the dragon spotted Hiccup at the entrance of the cove; so did the Night Fury become fascinated of the human boy.

The next day; Hiccup spent most his time learning about the Night Furry, and wanting to gain it's trust so he could learn more and more about not just the dragon in front of him, but the other dragons as well. The boy quickly learned that the Night Fury has retractable teeth, and only uses it to either eat or to attack the enemy with its painful bites. He also learned that it was a male dragon, because of a certain way the dragon acted.

The dragon also learned that the human likes to draw, because of the fact that he saw the human doing a drawing of him; making the dragon seem very interested. Soon the rare dragon and the chiefs son formed a trusting bond between one another; a bond so powerful that it formed an amazing friendship.

The boy also gave the dragon a name, because of the dragons retractable teeth he called the Night Fury; Toothlees.


"Wait, isn't Toothless the name of your dog?" Jack asked, interrupting my story telling again. I was groaning a bit from Jacks annoying questions and rubbed the bridge of my nose together.

"Yes Jack it is, I named after the dragon Toothless because after I heard this story from my mother before she died, when I first got Toothless, and the fact that I was still called Hiccup at the time; I decided to name him Toothless because of he reminded me of the one in the story. So please be quit and let me finish my story!" I almost shouted the last at Jack; making him realizing that I was getting a little frustrated that he keeps interrupting an important story. I looked back up at the ceiling as I continue the story.

~Resume Story~

Within each passing day goes by; Hiccup learned more and more things about not just his best friend Toothless, but also about how other dragons work. He has learned that dragons like this tall green like grass that Hiccup likes to call them 'dragon nip', they love to be scratched at certain places (mostly under their chin), and that they hate eel.

Hiccup also was busy making a modeled tail for Toothless at the time. After finding out that dragons can't fly if they don't have their wings or fins, making them vulnerable and become easy targets for Vikings.

This startling news made Hiccup feel bad because he knew that it was his fault that Toothless became this way; so he decided to fix his best friends tail, resulting Hiccup to ride on Toothless and become his new tail. Since Hiccup couldn't really make something that can get Toothless to fly by himself, but if he had someone to help fly or to navigate him; the dragon can feel free again.

Hiccup and Toothless have tried, and tried, and tried to perfectly fly together each day. Though it seemed to be almost impossible, but Hiccup kept remodifying both the fin and the saddle so that he could get it to be attached to one another. He also used a peddle at the right side of the saddle to use his left foot to control the tail.

So one day, Hiccup and Toothless finally got to fly perfectly into the air. It was an amazing feeling for both the human and the dragon, Toothless being able to feel free again (even though he has to use a human to help him fly) and Hiccup to feel the wonderful air hitting against his face and also feeling free as well. That's when both of them realized that their friendship has helped them to fly, and that they both need each other more than anything in this cold part of the world.

The next day after their successful flight, Toothless acted weird all of a sudden and took Hiccup to the dragon's nest, the nest his father had been looking for for years. "What my dad wouldn't give to see this" He said to himself as Toothless and Hiccup enter the giant cave like mountain. And in it was nothing that Hiccup has ever seen in his life; as all the dragons throw the livestock of either Berk or some other village into a pit of nothing my thick smoke. Then it came out, there lived a giant dragon that was surrounded by the smoke.

It was so big that it ate a Gronkle whole. It was terrifying, and that's when Hiccup found out as to why dragons take Berks food, if they don't bring them to that dragon then they'll be eaten themselves. It was a huge discovery indeed. Hiccup also called the monster Red Death.

Even though Hiccup wanted nothing more than to convince his people that dragons are not their enemies, and that they should make peace with the creatures. But he knew, he knew that if his people found out about Toothless, then they would try to kill his best friend on sight. So he did what most people did when they've discovered something incredible, he kept quit about it.

But one day, somehow the Vikings realized that Hiccup was acting weird and that he was somehow really good, too good at controlling the wild beasts. So they decided to set out to do a search in the forest, when suddenly they found Toothless and took him into the village by force. Hiccup tried to explain to his father that dragons aren't bad, that they have no choice but to take away the food so that they wouldn't be killed by Red Death.

His father didn't listen to his son except for the part of when Hiccup found the nest, and that Hiccup corrected him that he didn't found the nest, Toothless did and that only a dragon can go to the nest. So his father decided to set sails, and instead killing his sons' best friend he took Toothless along with him and the other Vikings so he would be their guide to the island which the dragons lived.

After being disowned by his father and the people of Berk, he didn't know what else to do after seeing his only friend being taking force by his father; he'd thought that he has lost everything…all but one…well technically five teenagers and five dragons. The teenagers that were Hiccups age and the ones that made fun of him saw the amazing thing that Hiccup has done; he has not only trained a dragon, but ridden one as well.

So Hiccup decided to accept their help by going to the dragon arena where the Vikings kept a Nadder, a Gronkle, a Zippleback, and a Monstrous Nightmare. The Nadder with one of the teenagers, his cousin took the Monstrous Nightmare, a pair of twins took the two headed Zippleback, and a huge boy took the Gronkle. All six of them took off and flied straight towards where the other Vikings were heading towards: the dragons nest.

Once they've arrived at the nest; they've noticed that it was too late, Red Death has gotten out of the cave and destroyed most of the ships with its long fiery blaze. All of the adult Vikings trying to kill Red Death, but their efforts became futile. Hiccup quickly went into action and ordered his friends (apparently) and their dragons to attack the giant dragon as a distraction while he goes and finds Toothless.

Soon Hiccup found his best friend and unties him from the dragon holding device, once he did he and the Night Fury attacked Red Death and found a way to kill it by going up in the air and have Toothless shoot a blue fire ball into the other dragons mouth as he was releasing out gas to shoot fire at them, but if another dragon shoots a fire inside the mouth, it's body becomes useless and cannot shoot fire. Like Hiccup learned earlier from the Terrible Terrors; dragons are not so fire proof on the inside.

So after Toothless shoots his fire into the Red Deaths mouth, both of them quickly got away from the Red Deaths sight and tried flying around the giants body so that they wouldn't be burned alive from the explosion of Red Death once it landed on the ground. Though Hiccup and Toothless weren't able to escape fast enough, resulting Hiccup to fall off his dragon from being hit by Red Deaths tail and landing towards the huge fiery explosion. Toothless quickly trying to catch his human friend before it's too late.

Soon everything was covered in ashes, while the chief of the Viking village tried to find his son. He sound Toothless but didn't see his son anywhere, believing that his one and only son is dead. He knelled in front of the dragon he had tried to kill for years, and looked at him with sad eyes, saying his sorry to him once when Toothless had woken up. The dragon then lifted his wings up to revealed a thin boy that had a few scratches and burn marks on his body, but he looked more like he is asleep. The chief and the others shouted with joy, knowing the fact that the boy was still alive.

A few days passed and Hiccup finally had woken up from his long slumber, looking around to notice that he was in his house and seeing Toothless was in his house as well. As he panicked a little bit from seeing his friend in his place, wondering if his dad knows about this, he realized that he had lost something from the battle of Red Death, his left foot was missing and was replaced with a prosthetic metal like thing as a replacement for his leg.

At first he didn't really know what to think of it; he and Toothless won the fight against Red Death, but it came with a price. Though one good side about it: is that he and his dragon are the same now, and that they both would become closer than ever before.

Just as Hiccup was opening his door of his house to go outside, he couldn't belive of what he saw. Every dragon and Viking were laughing and enjoying each others company, dragons peacefully eating big piles of fish that the Vikings gave them, some dragons playing with the children of Berk, and people laughing and saying of how their dragon is better then them.

"I new it, I'm dead." Hiccup said before hearing his fathers' laughter fill his ears before replying "No, but you gave it your best shot." Hiccup could not believe what he was seeing or hearing, his people have finally approved of him, and he became known as a hero in Berk. Hiccup may have lost his left foot from the battle, but he gained the honorable name as the hero of Berk; ending the three hundred year old war between the two species.

This is Berk; it boasts the kind of balmy fun-in-the-sun climate that will give you frostbite on your spleen, it snows nine months of the year and hails the other three. The only upside are the pets; while most people have cats or birds, they have…dragons.

~The End~

"So whenever I hear people call me Hiccup, I think of that brave character in the story. It makes me feel really special you know? And that I call my dog Toothless because he's like the one in the story, he protects me and cares for me. Sure he's not as cool as a dragon, but he is a great pal to have. I should probably let you meet Toothless one day…Jack?" As I turned my head to look at Jack I saw that he was already asleep, wrapping his arms around my waist.

I then laughed a little bit; it was getting late so I didn't blame him for sleeping into the story, though I hope that he listened to most of it. I snuggled closely into Jacks arms and bravely did something that I thought I would never do in my life; I kissed his right cheek and slowly smiled brightly at him.

"You know, if there was a prince like you in the story; Hiccup would probably want to marry him have an even more happily ever after." I said to myself, knowing that Jack wouldn't hear me. I giggled a bit as I saw his peaceful sleeping face.

"Good night, my Frost prince" I said a bit more towards him then myself. I quickly went into slumber before I could've sworn I heard someone saying "And goodnight to you, my sweet Dragon trainer", though I was too tired to see who said that to me and thought that I was just hallucinating and went straight into the land of dreams.

End of Chapter 6
I do not own anything! Not these two wonderful movies, not the characters from the two movies. I just only write this Fanfic because I love this paring so much. If you don't like boyxboy, or anything homosexual related, don't read this then.

Author:…GOD F***ING DAMN IT! This chapter shouldn't have be that long, I mean I was simply planning on just writing you guys two chapters as an award for giving me so many reviews (on, which is more then I'd thought it would be) and to show my thank you for all of you guys. But no, NO, my freaking hand wouldn't stop typing away onto this chapter…and it turned out like this…eleven pages…god damn it. Anyways, I wanted to give you guys both chapter 6 and 7 at the same time but I was getting really tired from writing the sixth chapter, so I figured I might as well give you guys the sixth while I'm working on the seventh today. Thank you all for reading and supporting my fic, and I hope that you all enjoyed this chapter, and I shall return very soon. Bye bye! ^w^

P.S. Also the reason why I decided to do the part of where Hiccup is telling the story from HTTYD is because I thought that it would be important to Hiccup if he told his friend a story that means a lot to Hiccup, since his mother was the one who told him that told him the story and everything before she died. So you know I thought it would be an interesting thing if he did that, and that it would bring him and Jack closer to Hiccup.

Author: Please comment, favorite, or deviantWATCH me or this story.

Based off of :iconprucanisawesome: FrostCup art: [link]

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I hope you all liked this chapter :aww:

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I feel so loved in the internet world TTwTT

Well I guess that's all for now, see you all later!!
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